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My SDCC Schedule

I’m bursting, spewing and otherwise ebola-ing with excitement to finally share with you my SDCC schedule. This is how excited I am as write this blog unshowered/unshaved on this fine Sunday morning!

I'm so EXCITED.. I'm so... scared

Why is this year so special? Because I have a brand new show to thrust upon your optic nerves called Save the Supers. Logline alert! (pls read using Trailer guy voice) “They finally let reality cameras infiltrate the hallowed gates of the Super Force HQ, exposing the world’s most prominent superheroes. It’s The Justice League meets The Office!” 

The first episode goes LIVE on July 11th on My Damn Channel right at the start of Comic-con, but for now follow us at or on Throughout the whole week, we’ll be screening the first episode along with exclusive footage only to be seen by those at SDCC, mix with the cast and crew, and get this FREE poster signed (gorgeously designed by Josie Kavadoy @JoVSz)!

Save the Supers Poster designed by @jovsz

But that’s not the only news I’ve got to chunkify your Campbell’s soup. We’ve finally got our DVD Cover art made for The Legend of Neil DVD* (pre-orders will be announced at the end of July!).  We’ll be giving away 250 free LARGE beautifully printed posters of the cover art. This is a picture of it as a work in progress. It’s a Greg Aronowitz (@gregaronowitz) original, he painted it!

Legend of Neil DVD Cover Art WIP by @gregaronowitz

You just have to show up to the Roddenberry Booth (#2543) on the convention center trade show floor, and sign up for our mailing list to be the first to be notified about the DVD release, and voila you get hooked up. Then show up  during any of our signing times, myself and/or Tony will sign it for FREE, which is approximately $65 dollars less than Lou Ferrigno would sign it for! I suggest showing up early to the Booth to get the poster, and to come to our joint signing on Thursday if you want both of our signatures.

Without further ado, here is my schedule for The Guild, Legend of Neil and Save the Supers! I hope to fondle your genitals see you there!


2:30pm – 3:30pm (Convention Center - Roddenberry booth #2543) – The Legend of Neil signing with Tony Janning and Sandeep Parikh.  

4pm – 5pm (Geek & Sundry - BELO 919 4th St) – The Guild Cast Signing


10am – 11am (Geek & Sundry – BELO 919 4th Avenue) – Save the Supers vs. Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour

Guild stars Jeff Lewis and Sandeep were double booked for this panel. Come to what promises to be an awkward experience and to see a never before seen LEGEND OF NEIL Music Video!

11am – 12pm (Geek & Sundry - BELO 919 4th Avenue) – Save the Supers Mixer!

Immediately following the panel, you’ll get to meet some of the cast of Save the Supers and get your free posters signed!

2pm – 3pm – (Convention Center - Roddenberry booth #2543) - The Guild Cast Signing


11am – 12pm (Indigo Ballroom) - The Guild Panel

12:30pm – 2:30pm (Convention Center – Free Autograph Area) – The Guild Cast Signing

4:30pm – 5:30pm (YouTube OFFSITE 315 7th Ave, btwn K & Jst) - Save the Supers Panel featuring the Super Force


12 – 1pm (Convention Center – Booth #2543) – Save the Supers Cast Signing

Finally you’ve heard about this new show all weekend, and you watched the first episode online or went to one of our panels which you knew about because you joined our facebook and twitter, now meet the entire main cast here! Come hungover and you get an additional free high five!

*For those living under a rock (how much is rent there btdubs?) The Legend of Neil is Comedy Central’s smash hit webseries about a regular guy getting sucked into the Legend of Zelda and having to fight his way out, armed with a shoddy wooden sword and a giant hangover. Watch the series NOW at

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