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Response to Streamy Producers’ Apology

I posted this on but I’m waiting for it to be accepted by moderators, so I’m posting it here.

Guys (referring to the Producers) this is so hard for me to say because I consider you all my friends. But this apology is simply not enough. I really tried to come to peace with all that went down, but ultimately the problems are too great and stem from a total disregard for the purpose of the Streamys and the IAWTV, at least in regard to how I was sold on it.

I’m all for crass humor, but this wasn’t the right venue for it. There were CHILDREN at the show, and parents watching across the world. I make a pretty crass show myself, so it’s hard for me to attack the humor, but at least we have warnings on our show and people know what to expect going into it. There is a reason I don’t let my nieces watch my show, but I would have invited them to your show based upon last year’s show.

I totally understand technical difficulties, and generally I’d be ok with giving a pass on that, but ultimately you are a show that’s about awarding the best in web television, and thus shouldn’t streaming the show correctly been a much higher on the priority list? It was billed as a LIVE STREAMING event to legitimize web television. The tech should’ve been paramount! All contingencies should’ve been thought about, pre-planned. Ultimately you had one shot to make it go right, and that’s why you’ve got to bring on a competent crew. Unfortunately it’s an A/Fail system, and it was a HUGE fail. In business, when things go that awry, whoever was in charge generally gets canned. But, hey, that’s easy to say in retrospect and as someone who didn’t deal with it, but still it’s embarrassing across the board.

But those issues aside what disappoints me the most is hearing how people were treated. Your own nominees. The whole SPIRIT of this show was COMPLETELY OFF and that I’m having a REAL hard time forgiving. Nominees unable to walk the carpet but tv celebrities CAN? Nominees stuck in depths of the balcony, unsure that they were going to even get tickets? Was it ever in question that Patrick Duffy could get a ticket? I think his show is pretty damn funny, but it wasn’t nominated. So if it wasn’t a question for him, it should never have been a question for Chase of Horrible Turn and yet he was on “standby?” Then there were people who built your set pieces being LIED to about their compensation. There are just too many issues that I’ve heard that are just too offensive and plain MEAN to ignore. The Horrible Turn creator’s blog was literally one of the saddest pieces I’ve read, and you guys need to read it and REALLY TAKE IT TO HEART.

It just felt wrong all across the board. Even Nick Thune ripping on every Audience Choice award video was the wrong tone. I get it, it’s humor, self-depracating, but we’re trying to trumpet what we do as something important and noteworthy. Why do we have to rip on ourselves at EVERY single turn? We make no money? Really, because I’m paying rent with something and web content creation is my full time job. It’s not TV money to be sure and I still have to pinch every penny, but hell it’s a living– a living that I built for myself with the POWER of the web.

No one knows us? Really, because of our meaningless web shows, I’ve been mauled at conventions, asked for my autograph countless times, even asked to sign someone’s baby (which I didn’t do)! I had Joss Whedon come up to me last year and quote my own show to my face (a highlight of my life), and had my comedy heroes Phil Lamarr and David Wain tell me that they really enjoy my stuff. I had a guy come up to me during the Emerald City Con in Seattle tell me that The Guild cheered him up so much when he was going through chemotherapy that he associates his recovery from cancer with our show! All these things are more than I’ve EVER DREAMED in my life. All due to the power of the web and the hard work of every single cast and crew member on The Guild and The Legend of Neil.

Lastly, someone needs to take some responsibility for this debacle and that person has to go. HAS TO. Who made the call that NOMINEES couldn’t walk the red carpet but TV stars could? Who was THAT PERSON?! Someone made that call, it wasn’t an accident and that person HAS TO GO. Who made the call that a 10 minute sketch about vagina reconstruction was more important to be in the show than having the craft awards in the main show? That person needs to be fired. Who was the person that didn’t communicate with the sponsors about the content of the show thus leading to Trident walking out half way through? That person needs to be fired. Who was the person that couldn’t figure out how to stop the host’s microphone being transmitted through the oft-broken stream when he was off stage? That person needs to be fired. Who thought to not have security such that a streaker can run across the stage TWICE and allow Chris Hardwick to be sexually assaulted? Fired. Someone’s got to step up and take responsibility. All of these gaffes did not happen in a vacuum.

Maybe “fired” is the wrong word. But someone needs to issue a public apology and step down otherwise the Streamy name is meaningless. The Streamys were built to mean something to help legitimize all of our shows. We SOLD Trident and our sponsors on the concept that people CARE about what we do, that there’s an audience. And right now the Streamys brand is completely tainted. And because of that trainwreck of a show all our associated shows share some of that taint. It might not yet be AIG bad, but it’s bad enough that I’m not sure I want to be involved anymore.

I’ve enjoyed the past few years and our growing friendship. And I have faith that you guys will find a way to do the right thing. But someone just has to STEP FORWARD and be honest with us. This isn’t just going away.

Ok, now lastly lastly, I just have to respond Aaron Kaiser regarding the membership or voting process. I’m an IAWTV member and frankly I have no idea how all of it is handled. We are just as in the dark as you are with regard to the mechanisms of the membership and voting process. All I know is we’re not allowed to vote on our own shows. I don’t know who gets rejected to membership or why. This is probably my own fault for not being more involved, but I want to assure you that most of the membership is just as befuddled and frustrated as you are. And frankly I’m not sure its a sandbox I want to be associated with at this juncture.

Oh and I also want to be constructive in my criticism but I think Barrett and Mashable did a great job with that, so I’d just be rehashing their ideas. Here are their links:…..episode-17 and


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